Aged Payables report for Suppliers Control Accounts

For a company which has a big list of non trade creditors and number of accrued expenses. As in Manager’s features(cloud edition), I thought an easy way to handle it is to create (sub) control accounts inside supplier.
For example I created inside suppliers and rename the “Accounts payable” to “TRADE CREDITORS”.

Transactions all reflect/working as I expected, and the standard view of the balance sheet also perfect.

But when it comes to reports, Aged Payable includes(as default) all control accounts together which are inside the “Accounts payables” which is normal.

My question is: how can I get the report only for “TRADE CREDITORS”, means I don’t want details of “other creditors and accruals”
If we have an option within “aged payables” edit screen to chose which control account(if we have more than one), then I can get separate reports.

You cannot. It is not possible to change the content of built-in reports except for those parameters that may be available on the Edit screen for the report.

I also question your accounting. Accruals are normally posted to separate liability accounts, not Accounts payable, specifically because they are not yet payable. If they were, there would be no need for the accruals.

Thank you @Tut for your response,

Yes you are correct, normally it would be under separate liability account. I try to put it inside the “supplier” only because of easy to make an entry through purchase invoice instead of journal entry.
I can take it out.

is there any possibilities to produce the same “aged payables” report through custom reports where I might change the parameters of it.
Else will there be any idea by @lubos to add new parameter in the Edit screen for the report(because the control account inside the supplier also newly introduced)

No, you could not produce such a custom report.