Custom Period for Aged Receivable & Payable

I would like to show aged receivable and payable in show custom date and monthly.


Customer Name Current 1week 2 weeks 1 months

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You are asking for custom age categories or buckets.
That would be a useful setting.

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It would be useful but right now you cannot.

This Should be implemented In manager, i completely Support this idea.

Different businesses have different policies for managing Receivable Collection Period. I have added this to ideas.

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The difficulty I think is different jurisdictions have different “standard” periods.

A possible general solution is described here Tax Summary and Tax Transactions under new Custom Reports - #5 by Patch

In india , according to legal provisions we need to report receivables in two categories

  1. Less than six months old
  2. more than six months old
    In notes to financial statements.
    So, Thanku @Abeiku to transfer this to #ideas category.
    I would like to request @lubos to Look into this and implemente this ASAP

Any possibility for this idea now? to have Aged Receivables and buckets come by weeks instead of months?

Any change will be announced in this topic on the forum.

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Thank you!