Ageing Receivable

Is there an option to allow us to include the invoice number and invoice date to the ageing receivable.

At least when the sales liaison officer can send the information to client to demand for payment?

Is it also possible to get the ageing receivables to show only invoices for a sales liaison officer? Note: We have many sales liaison officers.

Aged receivables report is not concerned about individual invoices. You should open Customer statements report which is what your customer should receive as it contains all relevant information.

Could an option be added to view aged debtors aged by month rather than days?

It’s standard in accounting to use days for aged receivables, aged payables, inventory turn, and many more things. It would not be good practice to wait months to take action on things.

@Tut, I think @richardw is proposing to see aging by literal months rather than by 0-30 days, 31-60 days, 61-90 days columns…

The thing is, a receivables report organized by literal months does not convey useful information on delinquency. I’ve never seen decisions based on who was due in February or March, but rather how many days overdue payment was.

In many Accounting systems ageing by month is the norm with ageing by days eg 30,60,90 etc an option