Adding tag line to invoices

Hi, I’m trying to customise my invoices and would like to add my tag line to the bottom. Is this possible at all please?

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The easiest way is to put it into the Notes field as default text. A more difficult approach, perhaps producing more satisfying results, is to code it into a custom theme, which would require some HTML knowledge.

Hi Tut, My tag line has an image, so it doesn’t really work in the notes bit. I did accidentally open up a page that showed the html info for the template I’m using, but I haven’t got a clue where I found it? Any help please? Nothing comes up that looks right in settings or customise. I’m using the desktop version on MAC. TIA

You didn’t specify what version of Manager you have. Current version is v16.12.48, and view templates for sales invoices have been obsolete since v16.11.1. Themes are now used instead. Regardless of your version, update now. Custom themes were added at v16.11.24 and are explained here:

Inclusion of a graphic image in a theme, especially if limited only to sales invoices, is beyond the scope of this forum. But an HTML programmer with some knowledge of Liquid templating could do it.

Actually, I think you could put an image in the Notes field and suppress the field title with a filter. But that’s beyond my capability.

definitely beyond mine too then!. Thanks anyway!