Custom invoice title and numbering

Hello, in My country, fiscal requirements for invoices have yo invlude a custom authorization number onntop of the invoice (CAI number) Aldo the title hasta yo mention the range of invoices You are authorized to pronto and then invoice numbering has to be consecutive bit hasta a XX-XXX-XXX-invoice number which could be added as a text.

But, how can i do this?

All these things can be accomplished with custom fields. Normally, these custom fields will appear at the end of the invoice. If you want to move them to the top, you will need a custom theme also. There are Guides covering both subjects.

hi TUT, do you know anyone who has achieved this?

Yes. And you can see illustrations in the Guides.

Thank you… Reference is Invoice. On the data entry forms its reference, but on generated invoice its Invoice number.

Any reason why is this?

Also, the Fijian government has introduced a fiscal invoice compulsory for Vat Monitoring System. Have you been approached for any VMS integrations?

Reference is a general name for what you use to identify a document. But let’s say the invoice has reference #10, you don’t need to say invoice reference #10. You simply omit the “reference” part and say invoice #10.

Now, why should we use reference when we can say invoice or receipt directly?

Because it’s general and can be used with many types of documents collectively in a single field/column called “reference” instead of using a separate field called “invoice” for invoices and another field called “receipt” for receipts and “payslip” for payslips … you get the idea. For example, when you draw a combined report (say a GL), you want all the references combined in single column which is useful and orderly rather than having each document’s reference in a separate column, which is messy.

What do you mean? Approached by whom? Integration with what?

Hi Tut,

In Fiji Islands, we are by law have to generate invoices that gets verified by the Tax Department for Vat Monitoring.

I am not a developer. But if you were given the docs for POS related transactions, would you be able to recommend somethings?

I have tested so far the Manager Accounting… And I believe it can do wonders… But I don’t have anyone who can write the POS fiscal invoice codes.

Just a thought.

No, I could not recommend anything. That’s outside my area of expertise. In general, I can tell you it has been NGSoftware’s policy not to participate directly with any government on certification. And they do no custom development for anyone.