Custom Field @ Custom Report

At Custom Report, I want to get Custom Field from “Receipts & Payments”, but I couldn’t find Custom Field from “Receipts & Payments”, I would like to know how can I get it?
I can get from Sales Invoice or Purchase Invoice or Billable Expenses

You are looking in the wrong place. A custom field defined for a payment or receipt form is exposed in the Receipts & Payments table, not the General Ledger Transactions table. The field is associated with the form, not the line items that lead to ledger entries.

i would like to know why sales invoice and purchase invoice field can be seen at general ledger transactions?
why not receipts and payments field can’t be seen at general ledger transactions?

I suspect because the variables were exposed at different times, and the Receipts & Payments tab itself was added to the program later than Sales Invoices and Purchase Invoices. Meanwhile, the entire custom reports function is reported to be under revision, so I doubt minor improvements are being made while the underlying structure is being worked on.

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