Custom Fields Disappeared

Updated manager to Version Had custom fields defined for both Bank Accounts and Cash Accounts to show Account Name on both receipts and payments. Print screens show that the Cash Account custom field was somehow overlaid by the new “Classic Fields” definition of “Bank or Cash Account”.
I attempted to redefine the cash account with the newer system and updated the Cash Accounts with the custom field, but the data in all Cash Account transactions had been removed and would not pick up the updated custom field.
Is there a batch process by which I can repopulate this data in the cash transactions? I haven’t seen the field in the attempts I have made to copy to excel.
Desktop/Windows 7
Screen shots follow. Older version screenshots are from 22.6.20

This looks like minor issue to me. You have Undeposited Checks account which has Account Name custom field empty. Just enter something in there. Update. And then view payments & receipts. They will automatically contain Account Name field.

Actually, I tried that and the payments/receipts that have already been posted do not update with the custom field when populated in the bank/cash account edits.
That is why this post.
The cash account you are looking at is after the update when it was cleared. There is an earlier screenshot with the old data.

Alright, I found the solution.
I deleted the Custom Field definition with the placement “Cash”, leaving the one marked “Bank or Cash” in place. Editing the cash account with the Account name then repopulated the Receipts/Payments.
Figured this out as the “Cash” placement is no longer in the drop down list.