Custom field text box not showing on sales invoices

form defaults for sales invoice.

sales order.


sales invoice when copied from the above sales order.

i am not sure why few fields are now showing their default content set. last time i checked none showed up.

This is exactly what my problem is about.
So I don’t need to post any further details.
@Tut : This is a bug according to me also: There is no need to have “terms & conditions for sales” on a an order that does not go to the client. But they should appear on the created invoice.
@sharpdrivetek : at the same time maybe also check if the bug is not there in the recurrent invoices?
When do you expect a fix for this?

@sharpdrivetek and @Bart_De_Jonge, you are both posting general responses rather than user-unique responses, so I cannot be sure who you are responding to. I’m not sure what either of you is trying to say any longer because I cannot sort out the intertwined threads.

If either of you still believes there is a bug concerning this topic, can you post a complete description of the behavior, with screen shots, in a single post that does not refer to prior posts? Thank you.

The screenshots are already provided by @sharpdrivetek though??
The behaviour is exactly as shown.

  • Some custom fields were created for a sales invoice. Those were initialized with some default values in default form for sales invoice.
  1. creating a sales order (without any custom fields);
  2. create a new invoice from this sales order.
  3. the default values of the custom fields for a sales invoice are not filled in!

BUT: when you create an sales invoice directly (so NOT with copying from an order) the custom fields are filled in.
So, according to me a bug when creating an invoice from a sales order.

You have missed two points, @Bart_De_Jonge:

  1. You repeated the action I requested you not to by referring back to previous posts by another user. I already explained that the intertwined discussion kept me from understanding your problem and asked you to provide a complete, illustrated example.

  2. You created a sales order without custom field content. Then you copied it to a sales invoice. The form default for sales invoices is a default for stand-alone invoices. But you chose to copy a pre-existing sales order, so Manager must assume the content of the sales order is what you want to copy, not some other content. Suppose you had default content for a sales order and edited it especially for a certain job. Would you want that edited text to be replaced by default text for a sales invoice? I would think not. Manager must always prefer your direct entries to a default template. The fact that in this situation the entry was blank is immaterial. You might specifically have wanted it to be blank. If you had, you would probably be on the forum reporting a bug that enters default data when you wanted it blank. The overall message here is that when you copy one form to another, you are no longer in the realm of default content. You are now part way through the workflow of a specific series of transactions.

I have 3 custom fields on my sales invoice…
1 of them appears on my invoice when I follow my workflow. The other 2 do not appear.
Explain me how that fits in the workflow of a program.
Let’s call it then an inconsequent bug, if you like so…
This is a bug! I always worked like that and suddenly this funcionality is gone!??
I will give up custom fields, and will add my content via a jpg that I create in Word.
Very strange that you say that this is not a bug…

I did not say it is not a bug. I asked you twice to clearly illustrate your problem and you keep refusing.

i had provided both screenshots and the explanation earlier. even created a separate topic.
@lubos has categorized it as an idea rather than a bug. i am not sure why.

the problem is illustrated with screenshots in post #21 and the new topic with the actual problem description is linked in post #17

and i would like to repeat with a few better explanation.
"i have a doubt that you are assuming copying the contents of custom fields itself when their title is same.
but this is not the case. the issue is that the defaults set for a custom field in sales invoice do not appear when copied from a sales quote (even when Sales Quotes do not have any custom fields created for the form under Settings).
so it is not the case of copying over the contents of a custom field which replaces the defaults set for custom fields."

I read the post you have quoted again, @sharpdrivetek. I just don’t understand exactly how what you say relates to what @Bart_De_Jonge has said. The more times I read the thread, the more it seems like you two are writing about different aspects of the program, or at least expecting different behavior under similar circumstances. That’s why I asked for a straightforward explanation of the problem with illustrations, all in one post—not referencing other, sometimes unspecified posts, and definitely not referring to other split topics.

In fact, I can’t really tell if you are complaining about something or just trying to explain your interpretation of @Bart_De_Jonge’s complaint. I apologize if I am being dense. But as I understand what I’ve read, I see only logical, consistent behavior of the program.

ok let me just put it in simple explanation leaving alone the previous responses.

lets say you have created a custom field for sales invoice, say Terms & Conditions.
now under Form Defaults you set the default contents for this custom field.
now you have received a sales order.
the sales order tab do not have any custom fields created for it.
now you enter the sales order.
this sales order you Copy To sales invoices.

in the above scenario, would you expect the default Terms & Conditions to appear on the sales invoice automatically?

  1. if your answer is yes, then this is what does not happen with few custom fields when you use Copy To from other forms. the custom field is just blank even though we have set the default content for them.

  2. if your answer is no, you will have to explain why you would not want that. :wink:

Thank you!

Your last explanation is what I thought @Bart_De_Jonge was complaining about. My answer to your question is no, I would not expect the default terms and conditions for a sales invoice to appear when you copy a sales order that does not have them to a sales invoice.

My reasons were explained briefly in Post #18 and more completely in Post #25 (numbered paragraph 2). But I will repeat myself here in somewhat different words.

When you copy one form to another, you are copying that specific transaction to the new form. You are not copying some of it and ignoring other parts of it. So contents in the origin form’s custom fields will copy, as long as the destination form has custom fields with identical names. And if a field is blank or non-existent on the origin form, it will be empty on the destination form, even if the destination form has default content for that field.

As I explained previously, the form defaults apply when you being a transaction from scratch. When you copy a form, Manager preserves as much information (or lack of information) as possible from the origin form. If you think through the options, I believe you will understand that you would not want to lose any information you had entered on the origin form. It does not matter whether the origin form fields have content or not. Manager must assume that if you want to copy the form you want to copy every aspect of it. For all the program knows, you specifically want a field to be blank. You would not want it to automatically override your wishes and put in default content from a different, destination form.

i am sorry but i cannot accept most parts of your explanation.

your explanation would defeat the purpose of having a Copy To function unless the user creates the same custom fields and defines default contents for them for each and every tab irrespective of which tabs they are relevant to.

the contents to be shown on a sales invoice is different from a sales order or sales or quote or any other form. this is why we create custom fields separately for each tab and not as applicable to the whole business.

your explanation of not copying or copying the contents of custom field with similar title on origin and destination form is valid. not denying that.

as per your explanation a user would never be able to use the Copy To function unless he has created the same custom fields and set defaults for them for all the tabs available in Manager.

also, to be noted, Manager is capable of overriding any defaults sets for the similar fields when specified by the user in the origin form.

I agree fully with @sharpdrivetek !
And what’s more: it used to work earlier!

What you describe as earlier was before form defaults existed.

oh boy… new features causing unexpected results from existing features…

By implementing new features, there should be backward compatibility with existing features.
That’s not the case at all in this feature.
Even better… Functions that became bugs because of new features, are categorized as ‘idea’ in this forum…
The developers should be aware of all this. I used an older function that doesn’t work anymore in a newer, because of a new implementation. Unbelievable.