Custom field on customer statement

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I’ve followed the Customs Field. Can you advise on how to make this show up on the Unpaid Customer Statement as a column?

I made a sample of an invoice with a custom field Special Order Number but it’s not showing up on the unpaid customer statement. Unlike the regular Order Number. See images of the sample invoice and the customer statement.

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You cannot define custom fields for statements, so you cannot do what you want.

Thanks Tut. So there’s no workaround for this? We’re trying to use the new system as suggested but it’s not working as before.

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If you enter information in the summary-level Description field of your sales invoices, that content will appear on the statement. If not, the program substitutes the transaction identification. In the following example, sales invoices 201871 and 201885 have such a description. The other invoices are blank, like your example. Only invoice 201885 is associated with a sales order:

No custom field is required for your purpose. It does not look like you are using the summary Description field for any other purpose, so why not use it for your special order numbers?

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I followed created custom field order number for sales invoices and now facing statement document didn’t show completely order number after the day order number removed. As you can refer my customer statement before and after the order number appear. Cloud Edition.

Yeah I find this uncool too… however the system now separates the Sales Order Numbers (internal) and Customer Purchase / Order Numbers (External) nicely. However the presentation on the statements leaves a hole under “Order Number” column. It is noted that once all documents are serviced for a particular customer that column will collapse and neaten up.

I believe the Customer Purchase Order Number (Now a Custom Field) should be reflected on the Customers Statement as it is an External document and the Customer will use it and they do use their Purchase Order numbers and references to check off payments to be made.

I already described how to do that for @Lyvia’s “special order” numbers. You can do exactly the same thing with customers’ purchase order numbers.

A very weak and time consuming method of double posting purchase order data / information. Statement not as professional as previous presentation.