Custom field disappear while converting sales quote to sales order


While converting for sales quote to sales order, i have noticed that the custom fields retated to sales quote disappear. Please see attached screen shots

What are these screenshots - there is no identifying information?

And they are exactly the same.


Kindly check again. I have upladed the correct screen shot

What edition (Desktop, Server, Cloud) and version of Manager are you using?
What Operating System?

Have you defined custom fields for both forms with identical names?

It still is not possible to identify the form type - presumably the top is the quote and bottom is the order, but that is only a guess

The top form is sales Quote. The bottom form is sales order. I am using version server

please show the edit screen for the definition of the custom fields

This works for me - Desktop
Sales Quote

Sales Order

Yes i updated the custom fields in sales order. I t works fine.