Custom Field Problem

I wonder if Custom Field has change.

I am only seeing when editing a new company.

unlike the previous one

Am I doing something wrong?

What version and what document are you creating the custom field for?

Using the latest version, I have the 2nd screen for most of the custom fields type. The purchase line custom field has the 1st screen.

I am using the latest version. This problem is only occurring in a new company. For old companies its showing the second screen.

I just created a new company (on desktop version 18.4.6) and once I customised a few tabs, customs fields have long format

I am sorry, I just found out there are 2 options for a few items in Custom Field.
For Example
Purchase Order and
Purchase Order - Line

I was editing the line one.

This is solved

as you have found, there are two types of custom fields for few forms.
read the below guides.