Custom field content does not carry over when converting cash/bank accounts

When converting a cash or bank account to the other type, contents of custom fields do not carry over to identically labelled custom fields in the new account. For example, identical custom fields are set up for bank and cash accounts:

02%20AM AND 12%20AM

Content is entered is the custom field for a bank account:


The bank account is converted to a cash account, but the field content does not carry over:


However, when the cash account is converted back to a bank account, the custom field content is restored. So it is being preserved, but not displayed. In fact, if content of the custom field is edited while the account is a cash account, the edited content is not carried back when reconverting. But the original field content, entered while the account was first a bank account, is displayed.

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@tut in your guide post

you did mentioned the last sentences of caution. it does related right? ahahahaha

Just checked because my first time saw the word convert cash to bank account and vice versa.

@acecombat2, that Guide was written before the feature of custom fields carrying over when labels are identical was added. It was added in the Copy to function. It makes sense to add it wherever one thing is converted or copied to another.

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got it @Tut

Fixed in the latest version (18.3.2)

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