Transfer transactions from bank transactions to cash transactions

How can i transfer transactions from bank transactions to cash transactions without deleting the transactions on bank and entering afresh into cash?

You cannot change a cash or bank transaction into the other type without changing the underlying account. But that changes all transactions in the account to the other type. See this Guide:

Various bank account transactions entered in the Cash Accounts tab prior to separation into separate Cash Accounts and Bank Accounts tabs should have been converted to the proper type of transaction when software was updated after version 17.9.0. This conversion was based on whether the box was checked indicating an account was maintained by a financial institution.

Thanks Tut. Also, How can I merge various cash accounts into one?

You cannot merge accounts. But you can transfer money from one cash account to another with an inter account transfer. Once an account has been zeroed out, you can make it inactive by editing it in the Cash Accounts tab and checking the box:

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If you have say Petty Cash A and Petty Cash B, and now you want to have just one Petty Cash - you could transfer the balance and make the account inactive or you could edit the transactions in one to become transactions of the other, then you can deleted the unrequired account.

Ok. Thanks.

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Hi Tut - I read the guide that you attached but I do not have a Convert button under my Bank or Cash account. Any suggestions on where I can find it, or if it is even available in my account?

Update your software. This feature was recently added.

Thank you!!!