Adding new fields to purchase order items

As we are a small take-away business I would like to add supplier and supplier code to my puchase invoice list however it doesnt show up on the list only on the input form

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Why list are you referring to? List of purchase invoices when you click on Purchase Invoices tab? It shows supplier code when used.

The list of purchase invoice items

hello, When i open purchase order template, i do not find any column to enter client item no or sl no or tag no relevant to line item .same is the case with sales quotation. we need option to add 1 or 2 columns. Help pls

Add custom fields of the line-item type. Read the Guide on this subject.

Custom fields would be at the bottom of the page i suppose and just few as we create, but my question is like starting with sl no 1, sl no 2, 3 etc per each line item we add.
currently i am making a quote and Purchase order of 32 line items, when i open new Purchase order template, every time we add a line, relevant column is required

let me check pls

Tut, Thanks, i can add a column per line after Description and before qty. is there any option that we can have it before description? as first column

Look at the Guides index. There is a Guide about adding line numbers, complete with example code for a custom theme.