Purchase Invoice Custom Field option to show on column like the others?

I need an option to show Purchase Invoice Custom Field to show on column like in the other tabs

I think that they already have this option. Custom fields - Purchase Invoice - Line

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@Davide @Lubos
I can see that Custom Field option for Purchase Invoice-Line only has one option Show custom field on printed documents
Requesting for an option like this Show custom field as a column just like the other custom fields.

And on this note maybe also Type and “Size”?

Now I have to admit, I don’t understand where you want to show the column

Line item custom fields cannot be shown as columns like a form custom field because there could be many such fields with different content for a single purchase invoice. Line item custom fields will show as a column on the invoice. Form custom fields show on the list of transactions for a tab.

This is something I was planning to add for a while.

This would allow you to find specific purchase invoice by text entered into custom field line. I assume this is the reason you need it.

How would this be displayed? Suppose you add a line item custom field for lot number. You enter an invoice with 10 lines, all the same item, but different lot numbers. What would you display under the Sales or Purchase Invoices tab? Are you going to display all 10 lot numbers?

Good day, I just updated to and the custom field that I had visible in my Sales Invoices as a column has disappeared. I use this to track who I have invoiced and who I have not as some invoices are created but not invoiced immediately. I created the custom field STATUS with a drop-down of Invoiced, Not Invoiced so that I can keep track of them but now the column has disappeared with the new update and I have no idea who I have invoiced as to who I have not as yet. Is there a new way of getting the column to show in the Sales Invoices table now?

I believe there used to be an option: ‘Show customer field as a column’ next to the ‘Show custom field on printed documents’ but I am not seeing it with the new update. Unfortunately, I would now have to open each invoice to see who I have invoiced instead of an easy glance at the Sales Invoices table and viewing the column.

Columns are now enabled using the Edit Columns feature in every tab.

I am removing this ancient topic from ideas and closing the topic, because the main idea has already been implemented, and some of the side issues mentioned no longer make sense.