Custom Actions

Dear Custom Actions disappeared after update. There is a new app extensions. Is this the same?

Also did anyone manage to post something using javascript to tax offices in Greece?

yes. it was changed recently.

read below topic.

Before i could create a button in every Sales Invoice. Now how can i do it? using extensions

@apa, Custom Actions are called Extensions now. It’s still basically unannounced feature. I’m experimenting with multiple approaches.

When creating extension, you can specify URL path for which the extension should run. For example, to run the extension on sales invoice view screen, enter sales-invoice-view.

Are you writing custom javascript to inject a button on invoice? What is this button doing?

i know java script and i will create the solution for Greek tax authorities. Of course i will post it here.
i need to create a button as previous every time a invoice is displayed to triger custom action and post invoice to tax authorities.

I also need to know if you can provide me this information how to call the fields from invoices let’s say

Extensions are more flexible. You can inject custom HTML code anywhere on the screen. So if you want to inject button, you can.

Let me know the list of fields you need and I’ll give you solution.

issuer - company name
customer name
tax office - custom field on customers
type of invoice - sales invoice
invoice line number
item description
net invoice amount
tax category per item
total taxamount
total net amount

for start

Another new feature that only less than 1% of users can use.

I believe @lubos is aware that most users are accountants who have no programming background. The only option for those accountants is to hire a programmer (which also raises confidentiality concerns if the programmer is able to access your data).

Even if you are willing to hire a programmer, looking for one who can do exactly what is desired is not easy.

The problem is the forum is not allowing for asking for help in this regard.

I would appreciate it if the forum dedicated a section for such programming inquires and a big banner can indicate that Manager doesn’t provide any support in this regard.

Alternatively, the forum could allow a programmer to be registered similarly to accountants registration, it will then be easier for users to find a specialized programmer.

i am a programmer and i will do for myself. i could post the code for everyone


@Drew_Mike Extensions are building block in Manager to faciliate all country-specific features. Yes - only 0.1% of users will be authoring new extensions but 100% of users will eventually use them. e-Invoicing will be mandatory in a few years in UAE. The link between Manager and UAE tax authority will be faciliated by an extension that will be written by someone in UAE.

I agree with you that programming help should not be on this forum and this technical talk should be mostly out of view of general users.

Just like the talk on translations is also elsewhere.

ok how can we contact in order me to implement this?

@apa probably the best is to create topic here:

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i opened there a session.
can you respond there how to get the specific fields