How to specify currencies in payslips

I need to generate payslips in currencies other than the base company currency. However, when generating a new payslip, there does not seem to be any “Currency” field.
Ideally, it should be possible to specify a different currency for each “Earnings/deduction” item in the payslip (the employee may be paid in different countries at the same time).

Do you have an ETA when this will be implemented? In the meantime, is the only workaround to use a journal entry?

Payroll currently doesn’t support multi-currency. It can be added. I just thought nobody would need such a thing.

Just out of curiosity. What are you doing that you need to issue payslips in foreign currency? It seems quite uncommon.

To avoid duplicating the discussion, please see my answer here: Employee balances with multi-currency transactions - #5 by mayerwin
The tentative workaround I mentioned in my first post (using journal entries) does not actually work due to “employee clearing account” sub accounts not supporting foreign currencies. So the only way would be to create a separate “liability” account (which cannot currently be nested within Wages and salaries).

Is this possible to show currency at Payslip?
currently we can define currency at employee, when print or view we can see currency
but when we create new payslip,we can’t see currency code