Currency Symbol Not Showing On Reports

Goodday Sir,

Firstly, thanks for creating Manager Accounting Software. It’s awesome. The reports on my software (P & L, Balance Sheet etc do not show any currency symbol. Please how do I correct this?

You would probably need to set Base currency under Settings.

I’ve done that already, but it’s still the same. Note: This problem is peculiar to the reports only. When I go to the summary section, the currency symbols are there.

That is just the way the reports are formatted. You are not seeing an error.

It something that amazes me too… Maybe it should be fixed

I do not feel it is that important because the rules, domination and currency are often set out in the notes to financial reporting. For me it is really about the numbers and they must be accurate. As mention in an assessment of Manager I would prefer to see the addition of graphical representation in the financial performance reports.

I don’t think currency symbol should be shown on reports. You see, generally all figures on reports will be in the same currency. Adding currency symbols next to every single amount on report will result in more messy look.

I like @compuit suggestion to just show currency as a note under the report. Would that work?