Show the currency symbol in the daily entries

The currency symbol does not appear in the journal entries when printing suggested adding them

You did not understand what I meant, and it is in the total credit and debit balance in the daily entry. Nothing related to the type of currency appears when printing. The amount appears only a number without the currency

If you read the information in the link provided by @Syed_Salman_Ali you should have seen:

Many reports do not include currency designations to reduce clutter, because they are always presented in your base currency.

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You should have seen in my comment that I suggested adding it

@Am3, it isn’t completely clear where you are referring to or whether you have set up your records correctly.

Are you aware currency symbols are specified in your definition of base and foreign currencies in the Settings tab? Did you specify one?

And which portion of a journal entry are you referring to? Illustrate with screenshots of both the Edit and View screens of a journal entry you are not satisfied with.