Multi Currency Amounts

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I want to hear something from you if you know or faced before. Please provide me;

I have a company that its base currency in USD but one supplier’s currency of the company has been defined as CNY (Chinese Yuan). After entries into that supplier balance is correct as Chinese Yuan in supplier module. I discovered when i get balance sheet that that supplier balance is incorrent as USD on balance sheet. (Base currency is USD that’s why manager creats USD report but for purchasing invoices that is related with that supplier doesn’t convert as USD)

How can solve this problem?

İf you have any idea i would be a pleasure to hear from you.
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Manager, initially has a table of default exchange rates but those rates may not be your required rate.

Therefore under Settings > Exchange Rates you create a USD / CNY exchange rate which gives you a relevant conversion.

Also, you must understand that the balance sheet must be stated in your base currency. Otherwise, the basic accounting equation (Assets = Liabilities + Equity) cannot be balanced. So accounts denominated in foreign currencies are converted to the base currency.

Thank you for your feedbacks. Purchasing invoices in CNY are not being converted to base currency. Imagine; You have a supplier and its currency CNY when i receiving money ; yes amount is convertable but when you creat a purchase invoice , that stays as CNY. How can i convert it to base currency?

Invoices are not converted. Your question was about balance sheet accounts, which I explained.

The supplier must be converted to base currency. All invoices for a customer or supplier are in the currency set for that entity.

This is what i was looking for. Thank you @Tut