CSS and DB schema customizations


I noticed the Desktop software is made on top of a web browser, and runs its own localhost, How do I access its stylesheet, so that I can make changes of my own. Is this allowed and possible? , if its allowed I would also like to see a schema of the db, Hope am not asking for too much.

What Database Engine is used for Manager

CSS stylesheets cannot be modified at this point but it will be possible within a few weeks.

Manager is not using any off-the-shelf embedded database but there will be soon free .NET library that will allow reading and writing into .manager file.


When do we get the functionality to edit the CSS? Your application is too awesome.

I was in the process of developing an application like this in PHP and then I stumbled over yours. It’s a great inspiration for me. I love the simplicity and robustness.


I’m committed to add CSS/HTML template support before end of this month.