Custom css file

I know the views template can load google fonts using the link tag. Can Manager load a css file stored locally? If so how where to store it so that Manager can load it?

If you are using Windows, then you can use URI following format


On Mac and Linux, I think file protocol schema is a bit different. See: file URI scheme - Wikipedia

Local css files is not working for me in the Desktop version on Linux. If I upload a custom css style to my webserver and tell the Manager template to pull from my webserver then it works just fine but local files will not work.

Local should be:

but that doesn’t work and only works if I pull it from http:// url

linux is CASE sensitive. just a reminder.

Which is why “Manager” is capitalized.

The issue is Manager not recognizing local files in Linux, I would suspect it is something to do with mono.

Gotcha. That link lubos provided may have the answer. Use the format with //localhost instead of ///home see what happens?

Thanks for posting this anyway. Css was gonna be tonight’s project saved me the question :wink:

Could it be something to do with file permissions? I assume the URI is correct but perhaps Manager process doesn’t have an access to that file? Just guessing…