Move to localhost Ampps, Xampp, etc?

Is there a plan to make Manager movable to localhost Ampps, Xampp, etc ? Make it independed of desktop version.
I am missing using my Firebug and styling Manager as i wish. Borders, backgrounds, etc…

You can already access Manager through your web-browser and use Firebug (that’s how I’m debugging javascript and various layout issues). Simply go to “About Manager” section and see under which port Manager is running.

Manager is written in C# and there is no Apache, mySQL, MongoDB, Perl, PHP etc. dependency so XAMPP/AMPPS would add no value. But there is nothing stopping you to setup Apache or other professional grade web-server to securely proxy connections from the Internet to Manager instance.

Thanks for reply. I know that, but you can kill me i cannot find those files on my disk. I searched all partitions for filenames and nothing.

Which files you are looking for? Accounting data files? They would be in folder specified under “About Manager” screen.

I am looking for CSS files to edit style of invoices. But cannot find them.

CSS customization is not supported at the moment but it is something I’m planning to implement this month.

OK, thanks. I really believed i am stupid and they are hidden somewhere on HDD.