CSS File for Manager Program Theme

Would it be possible to change where Manager stores the CSS coding - which I presume is in dll files etc and have an actual CSS file that people can edit to change the background colours, font colours etc.

It would solve a lot of problems for people who have difficulty reading grey on light backgrounds etc if they could change Manager’s colour scheme and I personally would like to change get rid of the yellow as it’s not a colour I particularly like.

I am quite happy to edit the CSS file to change the colours, but it looks like it is in a dll or other file. I will have a look and see if I can work out how to access it, but it probably is not a good long term solution as it would be overwritten every time you update Manager.

It has not been possible for some time in custom templates see

I suspect implementing it within the input screens would be a major coding change for Manager. Not sure I would value the cost benefit worth it for me.

i have never seen yellow color on any page in Manager. can you post a screenshot? i am just curious.

most of the time the difficulty in reading is caused due to incorrect monitor settings and also your OS display settings. have you tried adjusting any of these settings to suit your preference?

I am not talking about major coding. The main thing that I want to change is the background colours of Manager and the colours of the active/inactive tabs. I don’t like the default contrasts. Changing the colour of drop down fields on the other hand is a pita as this is mostly browser controlled.

Look on the summary page. You will see that the background colour for the sections where the words Assets, Income, Expenses, Equity are! They are all a very old fashioned yellow! I know it’s just a personal preference, but I just happen to hate that particular colour. It’s reminds of the 70’s

Tweaking your monitor settings can help, but the underlying problem is not a person’s monitor or eyesight. This issue of contrast has been brought up quite a few times actually and this is the only program that I use where I have problems with contrast. I personally can see everything including the inactive/active tabs - but that is not the point. The contrasts are not optimal. See the post below for many users commenting on this point!

hmmm :face_with_monocle: the color used for those portions are #FFFFEE and it has always appeared a very light shade of pink/red to me even though it is technically a light shade of yellow-green. i am not sure if my eyes are the ones having issues. now i am slightly worried about my eyes.

That is definitely yellow :laughing:

Pink good god that would look awful.