Credit on invoice


I started to use Manager for my business. Quite a good program and I managed to set everything up like it is supposed to but I still have a question.

Sometimes I have an promotion where a customer will get some discount on my regular rate.
I want to make an invoice with my regular rate on it and then a credit with the promotiondiscount. (not a percentage).

1 hour work € 40,- 21% vat included
Promotion discount - € 20,- 21% vat included
Total: € 20

I do not want to use a % discount all the time because sometimes it’s better for my business to give a promotional credit.
How do I put something like this in my invoice?


You can’t give fixed discount or promotional amounts yet, though that has been mentioned as a future improvement.

But there is a better solution, since you want to actually include the text telling the customer you are giving them a promotional discount. Just add a line to the invoice, allocate to the same income account, but enter the amount as negative.


Aah! Thank you. I tried that before but it looked liked it didn’t worked because it displayed an error show NaN. But after clicking on; create invoice I see that everything worked well. See the attached screenshots for more details:


What date/number format you have set up under Preferences? I will try to reproduce this issue.


Sorry for my late reaction.
I have it setup for dutch, example:

example date: − 26-6-2015 (day-month-year)
example number − 1.234.567,89


Thanks. Fixed in the latest version (15.3.4)


Wonderfull! Thank you.
By the way; I have to ask; is it only you working on this program?