Purchase Invoice - substraction of discount amount - how?

How can I make a purchase invoice empties or a discount amount subtract during insertion of the invoice at the post .

Can you be more specific what you are trying to achieve? Not sure I understand what you mean.

When I insert purchase invoices into manager sometimes there are are amounts (for example a crate of beer etc…) sometimes i have to subtract amounts from the amount of the invoice as it shows in the image i give with this replay the amount of 8,41 euro is ad to it but i must be minus 8,41 euro instead this is due because i give something back how as to be subtract from the total , in case of the image jou see here the end total of the invoice is in fact 84,92

the invoice looks like this on paper

  • goods = 88,05 euro vegetables and fruits
  • empty cradles = - minus - 8,41 euro
  • vat = 5.28 euro
  • total 84.92 euro

You can enter line items with minus amounts too. Have you tried that?

i think i have found it

the minus sign must be put before quantity and not before the amount which must be subtracted.

I actually meant that you use minus sign in Unit price column (not qty). Does it work for you? If not, what is your date, number format under Preferences at the top?

it does not work in the unit price

these are the numbers you ask for

Voorbeelddatum − 27/07/2015
Voorbeeldgetal − 1.234.567,89

i have an other question
kan i make a vat report every 3 monts with this program
or do i need something else for this ?