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I think i have a straight forward question for the manager gurus here:

I’ve sent an invoice of 1,000 euro with 9% VAT. Total incl. VAT is 1,090
However, I should have send an invoice with 21% VAT. Total incl. VAT would be 1,210.

How can I create a credit invoice that shows that the customer has to pay only the difference in VAT? With the credit invoice tab I have to create a 1,000 credit invoice with 9% VAT and then add a row with the new invoice amount (negative) with 21% VAT? If I do this, it shows the delta in VAT, which is correct but it shows it as a negative number which I would like to show as a positive number. How can I arrange this?

What you should really do is issue the customer with a credit note for the full invoice and then issue a new invoice with the correct VAT

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Hi Joe,

Thanks for your answer. This would be the prefered option indeed. However, I made this mistake for c. 15 invoices of 100 euro. I would like to create one single overview for the client which at the bottom shows the amount VAT owned to me to get from 9% to 21% VAT.
Hence, the original invoices + the single overview = correct amount.
Do you see an easy solution for that? I prefer not to bother my client with 15 correction invoices.

Then create one credit note with 15 lines reversing all 15 original invoices. Then create one sales invoice. Depending on what was on the original sales invoices, you might combine everything into a single line, incorporate 15 lines for the various sales invoices, or repeat all lines from all 15 invoices. Regardless of the approach, the customer will get only two new transaction forms: one credit note and one sales invoice showing the total owed.

If the customer has already paid the previous sales invoices, the credit note should result in a credit balance in their account that will be automatically applied to the new sales invoice. So the balance due will equal the extra VAT.

Remember, it is not just a matter of what is convenient for the customer. You also must get your tax accounting correct, showing the correct sales amounts, etc.

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Thanks Tut - helpful