Credit limits and /or available credit fields from customer file on invoices?

It’s great to have a credit limit field in the customer master and it’s implemented really well with the available credit field. My question is can those fields be pulled onto the invoices when a new record is created automatically?
I have a few very slow pay customers that unfortunately I feel bad for so I continue work for them. I think it would be a nice reminder for them if they could see their credit limit and what’s left.

Maybe I could pull that code from customer master to the sales invoice master? Any help is always very much appreciated.

You are asking for an application software change to accommodate a personal choice you’ve made to extend credit to recalcitrant customers. I suggest you do one of two things:

  1. Change your customer’s credit limits to what you are actually applying to their accounts, OR

  2. Add comments in the Notes field to tell them what you’ve done for them and what their credit limit is.

You can also send customer statements that show account receivable aging status and whether invoices are overdue. This would probably be far more effective, because it looks more official and is more detailed. Changing the software really isn’t the answer.