Credit Limit Control

I would like to request to

  1. Cannot issue (or) create invoice if the Customer is over limit of Credit limit. (for normal user level)
  2. allow only Admin level to change (or) over ride credit limit.

Yes, I too agree on this, @lubos, can you please advice on this?

Please let do something about this credit limit control. It is always demanded that items should not be allowed to go if above any set credit limit. @lubos please say something.

And what would you do if goods have already been shipped, but the shipping charge resulted in the total balance due exceeding the customer’s credit limit? Would you not issue the sales invoice? Or would you continue, establishing the obligation, and hope that they would pay?

I understand @melvin. He wants a tool that can help him enforce credit limit policy and better manage receivables with Manager. It wouldn’t be bad to have this tool someday in Manager.

My Idea

The credit limit is a very powerful financial management tool but I do not believe it should prevent users from issuing a bill, journal etc, but I believe the system should notify the user that a customer is about to exceed their credit limit should a draft invoice be posted ( Quote or An Order be fulfilled).

I think available Credit for customers/supplier should also be displayed when drafting a Quote, Order, bill, credit note, Journals etc as long as the customer (supplier) is selected, it should be displayed. See the idea below.

I’m adding this to Ideas. You can already see the available credit in the Customer/Suppliers tab so it shouldn’t be of a high priority to the programmer (my opinion).


I am about to create a topic about this before I decide to search for relevant topic… The best is to stop way is to prevent raising the order once the credit limit is exceeded for a customer. Credit limit as no function on manager accounting software, and it really important for our business. I really plead to developers to work on this for us, we need it please

  1. It’s indeed recommended to search the forum first because there’s a big chance that you’re not the only one with a particular problem/question.
  2. As you can see below the topic’s title, this subject is already in the Ideas category, which means it’s on the developer’s (very large) to do list. You’ll simply have to wait until the developer has implemented all previous ideas on his to do list.


Please also note that the developer explained that implementation of some ideas depend on others. For example what is the purpose of setting credit limits if there is no authorization (combined with authorization leves) for setting and changing this. In reality one just has to change the limit and issue an invoice if only enabling some kind of blocking system.

This is just an example of one of the many good ideas in this forum that may need to be implemented first before implementing a solution that actually may be stronger as so far suggested. The only issue is that it sometimes can take several years but eventually ideas get implemented or assimilated in other solutions.

So in those instances the forum may help with a roundabout solution or you may need to consider using another application if essential for the business.