Customer available credit column

Today I was checking the books of one of my clients when I noticed a new column called “Available Credit”.

This is my customers screen

This is the total balance from the customer’s invoice list

This is the receivable from the summary for that specific customer

This is the edit screen of that customer

This figure seems to have popped out from nowhere, I can’t drill down to see it’s details and I don’t know what to do with it.

Have a look at [Credit limit] for that customer:


Unfortunately, the current implementation is not very helpful.
For example, it would be more meaningful if, when creating a sales order, an automatic check would take place for a possible exceeding of the credit limit.
So that at that moment it can be decided whether delivery should take place, despite the fact that the delivery (sale) is not covered by the credit insurance company.

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Thanks @ries. You are right, it’s the credit limit.

When I removed it the available credit is gone.

But shouldn’t the column be called something else instead of available credit? because that doesn’t make sense at all with available credit being also used for credit customer balances as well.

Indeed, different names would avoid confusion. In my humble opinion, the name in the customers’ listing is incorrect.
Although the name is not necessarily wrong, in the context of credit insurance perhaps a simple [Credit Limit] would be better.