Invoice order not working

when i set the invoice order to say" by date" and then go to say “summary” the order has changed when I go back to invoices?

Are you sure you clicked Update after editing the invoice? If so, can you provide more details on exactly what you did?

That is correct if you using the desktop edition, after doing a “by date” sort and you then leave that screen, on returning the screen will return to the default display. If you are on the cloud or server editions you can open 2nd windows.

On the desktop edition, If you need that format for a specific purpose, you could always do a screenshot and have that open separately but it would be static.

Hi Tut, thaks for your response.

I have not edited any invoices, the invoice list order usually displays the invoices in order of outstanding, I updated manager today and now the order is not working correctly, so if I set it to show in order of outstanding invoices and leave the invoices page and then return the order has changed.

If you search the forum for topic " Invoice sort order is not working properly " it details a discussion and changes from memory. This may explain your query

Found it Invoice sort order is not working properly
Not quite the same but could be related

Thanks for that extra information. Now I understand what you mean. Whenever you move to a new tab by clicking in the navigation pane, it comes up in its default view. If you return using the Back arrow, you will see the sort you previously specified.

thanks Tut,

The page is indeed defaulting original settings.

That’s how it has been ever since. So not sure why upgrading would make a difference.