Accounting for credit cards

Hi. I am new to Manager. I am transitioning from Quickbooks. I am an accountant so I have found the setup fairly easy. However, I am a little baffled about the setup of credit cards. I set up the credit as a control account following your instructions. The payment to the credit card was downloaded from my bank account. How do I tell Manager to charge this payment against the VISA liability account. It does not let me enter the account number as it does not show up in the dropdown list even though it is in the Chart of Accounts. What I am doing wrong?

You need to record an inter-account transfer to record payments between bank accounts (credit cards included). The catch is that you will have to create those transfers manually because they’re still not supported in bank imports.

Another way is to create a normal balance sheet clearing account from Settings > Chart of Accounts. This method plays well with imports but this means that you will have to reconcile the clearing account as well.

You can check this guide for more detail:

There’s been hints by the developer that something will be done in this regard but I wouldn’t get too excited since nothing have been promised and a lot of alternative approaches are kept in ideas.

Thank you! I will try this.

It worked great! Thanks again