Credit card receipt from bank not recorded in bank account

Payments from checking account entered via “receive money” in credit card account do not appear in the checking account. I entered the payment citing Visa Card Account (an Asset Account) as the debit “Bank Account” and my Checking Account as the credit “Account”. Payments do not appear in the checking account, only in the Visa account. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any help!

Have you read the guides regarding Credit cards?
Transfer money between bank and cash accounts
Set up credit cards

Receiving money in your credit card account only covers one half of the transaction. You also need to spend money from your bank account. Those two transactions are what are combined by an inter account transfer.

Your mentioning of debit bank account and credit account also suggests you might be trying to enter this transaction via a journal entry. You cannot do that in Manager. Since your terminology does not match Manager’s it is not clear exactly what you did. Therefore, it’s impossible to determine why you don’t see the result you expected. Can you be more precise about your actions?

Joe91, Yes, I read the guides, but never found where I could do an inter account transfer.

Tut, I didn’t go via a journal entry. I am new to Manager and do not know what you mean about my terminology not matching Manager. My entry was in the credit card account. I thought receiving money into the credit card account produced both transactions, debit and credit. Both accounts involved are entered there. The payments showed up in Bank Transactions, but when I go to the Checking account in Bank Accounts, the payments are not there. I hope I’ve explained it well enough.

For the transfer, read the first Guide @Joe91 linked to.

No. It is only the receipt. Because Manager is a double-entry accounting system, receiving money in a credit card account debits the credit card account and credits whatever account you select from the dropdown box. Can you post a screen shot of Edit screen for the transaction? Obscure any personal information.

Did you read this one?

Transfer money between bank and cash accounts
An inter account transfer is the movement of money from one bank or cash account of a business entity to another. No funds enter or leave the business. A transfer is not possible unless the business has at least two bank or cash accounts. Examples of transfers include:

  • Withdrawing cash from a bank account for a petty cash fund
  • Paying off a business credit card from a company bank account (remembering that, technically, money left the business when the credit card was used to pay an expense)**


I’m sorry to say I don’t know how to get a shot of a Manager screen; will the following help?

Bank Receipt


Bank account
1050: Chase Visa Card



Item Account Description Qty Unit price Amount Tax

1010: TVFCU Checking

I have a transaction like this for each monthly payment of the credit card. After entering, the 1010: TVFCU Checking account has none of the payments in it. What you say, Tut, “receiving money in a credit card account debits the credit card account and credits whatever account you select from the dropdown box” is what I have understood. The account I select from the drop down box is 1010: TVFCU Checking, but no credit shows up in the list of transactions for that Bank Account.

Joe91, Yes, I read that and I believe I followed it. At least as I understand it. What I see in the results I am getting is the money gets added to the credit card account, but does not get taken from the checking account. To be clear, the payments appear in the Bank Transactions list but not when I drill down into Bank Accounts and look at the transactions in the Checking Account. I suspect I am doing something wrong, but just don’t know what it is. I appreciate Tut’s and your patience with me.

Use a screen capture process or a programme like MWSnap 3 and then use the 0%20Upload%20Icon located above the text panel to upload

@Charlieku the above Bank Receipt details provided above doesn’t make sense. You have shown the Bank Account as " 1050: Chase Visa Card" which is okay but you have shown under Item Account “1010: TVFCU Checking”, which is not okay as the programme doesn’t allow other bank accounts to be selectable there.

So your comment “After entering, the 1010: TVFCU” isn’t possible to occur - for example:

You have three banks account setup

But when in Receive Money under Account those bank accounts aren’t available for selection

Note the above Inter Account Transfer tab, this is where you enter fund transfers between accounts.

Thank you! Thank you, Brucanna! I did not have Inter Account Transfers checked in Customize. :-/ Thank you, everyone, for your help!