Creating a Service Cost - Day Rater for Customers

Can you create a day rate, or hourly rate for a service provided to a customer?

Yes. Define the service as a non-inventory item. List the hourly or daily rate as the sales price.

Thanks Tut for coming back so quickly, that makes sense - I dont suppose there is an option to allocate a different price per customer?

You could play with the [Code] field with the Customers and [Code] field with the non-inventory items.
For example:
Customer Code: C0001
Customer name: Customer A
Non-inventory item code: C0001-001
Non-inventory item name: Hourly rate service
Autofill - Sales - Unit price: euro 60,-.
If you now make an invoice for customer A you can call up the code of the non-inventory item belonging to this customer in the Item field.
The link is the customer code and the non inventory code, C0001.

I will try this first thing… again thanks, very much appreciated

To be clear, @ries’ suggestion for matching codes provides a visual cue, not any sort of actual link within the software. While the selection of the appropriate non-inventory item would be quick and intuitive, it would not be automatic.

Thanks for this valuable addition @Tut.
User should, based on given example, manually enter first part of item code which is equal to customer code. And then select from the then available non-inventory items.

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Good point, @ries. Adds to the convenience.