Selecting an Afterhours Rate in Billable Time

The Auto fill Hourly Rate works wonderfully most of the time. However we have been caught out where service people from time to time fail to recognise the Hourly Rate should be different if work carried out “Afterhours” for example.

We would like to suggest the possible introduction of a drop down or similar field in Billable Time for Customers configured with different hourly rates… and build on the comment below from a year ago.

A Billable Time entry image below to demonstrate

Helping the Tech get this Billable Time right can potentially generate more revenue.

I’ve seen similar requirement where different staff members (junior vs senior) charge different hourly rates to the same customer.

This will probably require new option where you could create custom rate types which could be an amount or perhaps multiplier on base rate.

Sure whatever materializes over time as long as it is simple for the end user and robust. Thank you.