Default hourly rate, per customer

I am using Manager as a professional consultant in a solo practice. I would like to see the capability to set a per-customer default hourly rate on the Customer screen, and then have this rate be the default for new Billable Time for that customer.


What I do is to set up invoice items. These item codes infer the customer and rate type (hourly,daily) When you enter the item code on the invoice the standard rate is applied, all you need to do is enter the correct quantity!
To set up invoice items go to Settings, Sales Invoice Items

@theeley, I also use sales invoice items for standard, fixed-rate services. But those are not possible in Billable Time. Using them requires that you initiate the entry in the Sales Invoices module, which does not allow you the benefit of keeping track of billable time as a temporary asset.

I agree with you, that would bring better functionality, using the billable time. I was only offering an alternative option. I use a mixture of invoice and billable time for this very reason.

I actually have a call desk system, which would be brilliant if only I could hook it in to Manager for the billing. In the call desk system I can store an hourly rate per customer! This is my audit trail!

I understand that this is an old request, but I’d also like to see the ability to set a default hourly rate.

Even if we can’t do it per customer, just having the ability to set a default (in the same way that we can set a default invoice due date setting) would be immensely helpful. Doing it per customer, even more so.


And I would also really appreciate this functionality…either a default rate company-wide, or a default rate customer-wide. Please…

Hi @Gremlin

Good news. It is now possible to set a default rate company-wide!

  1. Make sure “Billable time” tab is enabled
  2. Open up “Settings” => “Form Defaults”
  3. Click Edit next to Billable Time. It’s probably near the bottom of the list.
  4. Enter a value in the “Hourly rate” field
  5. Click Update

From now onwards, all new Billable Time records that you create will default to that hourly rate value.

You can also set the default customer, which would work well if the vast majority of your Billable Time records are for one customer.

If you’d like to do some additional reading, the guide for setting Form Defaults can be found here: Manager Cloud

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Thanks!!! Needed to update my version to find it, works exactly as needed. Now, trying to find how to have multiple different job codes for a single client…

[EDIT] found it - tracking codes :slight_smile:

An hourly rate per customer would be great as not every customer gets charged the same rate for a lot of service providers.