Created new group account but cannot edit it

Hello! I recently created a new group account under Chart of Accounts to add a new worker. (See picture). For some reason, when I attempt to do a journal entry to put labor owed to this person (Gabrielle), the account doesn’t show up. What am I missing? Thanks!!

A group is a collection of accounts

You never post an entry to a group but to one of the accounts in the group

So it is not at all clear what you are asking about

Have you read the guides?

If Gabrielle is an employee, then you need to use a payslip to record the liability
If Gabrielle is a contractor, then you need to post a purchase invoice to record the liability

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@Joe91 is correct - it is not possible to post to a group heading. What you would need to do is create a new account and place it in the Labor Owed group.

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