Journal entry with bank account

I am trying to add a journal entry where the business owner has added funds to the business. This should involve the bank account, but I can’t find it. I know it is there as I can see it on the chart of accounts and it is a control account, but when I add a new JE, it doesn’t show up. Am I missing something here or do I just need to do this as a receipt?

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You can not use a journal entry to record receipts or payments into or from a cash or bank account or pay

@Joe91 is correct. You should not process a journal in the cashbook. You should use a receipt or payment.

You should see this receipt in the bank account if the money was deposited in the bank account. If the money was not deposited in the bank account, how did the business owner added the funds into the business?

If the business owner has collected cash for business sales and kept the cash personally you would create a journal entry debiting the capital account and crediting the sales account.