Chart of accounts (new) group not showing in dropdown

As for other issue I posted, I have just started using Manager after a hiatus of a year and updated to the most recent version (over earlier ver). I am having issues with either bugs or feature changes but I am not sure which is which.

In the Chart of accounts I have created a new group under Expenses however although it appears on the summary page it does not show in the drop down menu when I am editing a bank transaction and trying to allocate an expense category. Only the default Expense groups are being shown. If I modify a default expense group name then that change does show up.
I previously added and removed groups from the chart of accounts with no issue so I am not sure what is going on.
Appreciate any help.

You cannot set the account of a transaction to a group.

Perhaps you are describing something other than what I understood.

Please provide a screenshot of the Edit screen of the said Group.

Hi Ealfarden
Yes correct - I cannot set the account I have created in the chart of accounts i.e. I created an expense called Groceries however this does not list in the account dropdown. Only default accounts are shown.
The custom created accounts do show in the summary page.

This applies to account dropdowns in:

You need to setup groceries as an Account and not a Group.

Groups are not accounts, groups are a representation of a collection of accounts just to display the total of those accounts in reports.

For example, you can have three separate accounts:

  1. Fuel
  2. Car rent
  3. Car maintenance

In order to add them up in reports, we can create a group called “vehicle expense” and then assign accounts 1, 2 & 3 to it.

You can refer to this guide for more information:

Hi again.
I understand what you are saying, my memory says that wasn’t the case in earlier versions, or perhaps the buttons were changed around. My memory is not the most reliable thing.
I also read that how to guide on accounts, but seems I missed that point as well.

Your answer solves my problem though so thank you. Although I am a little unclear how to assign more than one group to an account (only option for one under the account creation drop down) and to assign a payment to a specific group under a custom account but I will go back and have a read of the guide.

After creating your group(s), you need to assign each account to a group. You can then do the same for the next account so have several accounts in one group.

The COA consists of a single hierarchical structure. Each account is in one group. Each group in turn can be in at most one group enabling creating complex hierarchical See Build a chart of accounts | Manager

Which I think is the reverse of the configuration arrangement you described (listing all accounts in each group).

You can download an April 2021 release of manager at Releases · Manager-io/ · GitHub and install on your desktop. If you have a MacOS you can download an August 2020 release Aug 29, 2020 and install.

You will notice that there is no difference in how to build a chart of accounts. Some, also in older versions, like bank and cash and some other balance sheet accounts would better be created using control accounts to benefit from seeing respective balances in the summary and in reports (read guides).

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Thanks, I will put some time into trying it today.

Thanks, I like the sound of what you advise re using control accounts.