Create Letter Head

How to create latter head to send customer or supplyer or bank

create Email templates with html. you can read the guide regarding the same.

Are you referring to blank letterhead stationery? Manager will not do this. If you are referring to having your business information and logo on transaction forms, see and

Dear i dont get how to use html
could u plz give me an example.

Actually, email templates are created in Liquid, not HTML. Read the Guide: Simple use of the the templates does not require any programming skills.

@hd2flex, if you do not have programming skills, but want to create something complex, hire a local programmer to do the job for you.

Your posts are a little confusing, though. You first asked about creating letterhead. Now you are responding to @sharpdrivetek’s post about email templates. What are you really trying to do?

I want to create latter head Page which is should save record separately in manager as like saving sales invoices or sales quot!

if you are asking about having a list of emails sent from Manager, then this is already available in the Emails tab.
read the guide

I think he is looking to setup a letterhead page - so a custom theme is the way to go

Just using a Business Logo is the simplest solution (not requiring any programming) but probably not sophisticated enough for what he is looking for

Joe yes u are right
i m looking to setup a letterhead page

Then Tut has pointed you in the right direction in his first post.

If the format available in these guides is not sufficient, you will have adapt a custom to what you want. This requires some programming skills which you may have or which you will have purchase

Thanks Joe
I have not that much skills to do this for me
i will use the word file for that
thanks for all of u…