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is it possible to generate cash memo for cash sales other than invoices. in India we have invoice for credit sales and cash memo for cash sales

you can add cash account into “CASH ACCOUNTS” tab in manager. And then you can track all the cash transactions in that.

As per my knowledge of this software, You have to generate invoice, but receive the cash into you cash account.

I think this help you.

Unlike what @AaiRIz says, you do not need to generate a sales invoice. Use a receipt. See this Guide:

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thanks buddy

but this doesn’t solved the issue. we need only cash memo with cash memo numbers

Define the content of your “cash memo with cash memo numbers.” How is it different from a Receipt in Manager?

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Cash memo is similar to Invoice in concepts, the diff is Invoice is credit bill and cash memo cash sale. Customers ask for cash memo for a cash sale, this purpose is not solved by Receipt method in , since its not generating any serial no and also the Discount option / Tab / Column is not appearing in receipt.


Please make option for Invoice and Cash memo while generating a new invoice or cash memo.

You can enter a serial number in the Reference field. The reason it is not automatic is because some users want to put information from the payer in that field, such as a check number. The current design makes it flexible. If you want to include a discount, you can add a line and enter the discount as a negative number. Post the discount to the same income account as the line item you are discounting. Or just enter the reduced price in the first place.

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Yes, you can use Receipt function, And give a manual Serial No. And as per my knowledge about cash memo, its a cash sale, Without tax. In short you do not want to provide a actual Invoice with tax.
So as Tut Says, Use receipt as a cash memo, And provide manual serial No. // Receipt No. So you have the record of your cash sale, by receipt.

One correction to a comment by @AaiRIz:

A cash receipt definitely can include tax. In fact, presently, all cash receipt line items are tax-inclusive. However, the option to make them either tax-inclusive or tax-exclusive is coming soon.

I know the manager can do it.
But in “CASH MEMO” needed by gauravnbs,…
As per my knowledge, CASH MEMO needed for without TAX, Un-official selling. So the people do not need to display their sale to government so transaction was in cash, So in that Cash Receipt to the person called “CASH MEMO”. So in that cash, no TAX Invoice or retails Invoice is generated and so no sale display to the Government.
In short, Item buy without Invoice & Sale without Invoice. Money transaction In Cash so no digital transaction record. (Its illegal, but many people do that) So they need “Cash Memo”

It is frustrating that payment and receipt have no automatic numbering and there is no tool available for that purpose

Two points, @AaiRIz:

  1. Although cash receipts are tax-inclusive, that does not mean you must assign a tax code at all. If tax is not charged, leave the Tax Code field blank and no tax will be calculated or added to Tax payable account.

  2. You cannot expect an accounting program to incorporate features to support illegal practices.

Yes @Tut, I know that all. we are doing 100% Legal works only. I know the features you told. I Just inform to you and manager team that, Some people needs cash memo because they want to use that in illegal things.
I Love :heart_eyes: Manager & its features, I do not need this feature at all. :innocent:

Personally, I think it would be far better to have the reference number be automatically incremented and have any other information that a user may require to enter re the payer, be put in the description or notes fields.

The alternative of generating a sales invoice (as the only means of having an auto number) then receiving money, makes what should’ve/could’ve been a one step process a two step one.

Having said that however, I must say, this is a wonderful program and I must commend each and everyone of you who’s contributed to this project. Hell, you got me to sign up and participate in a forum, something i’ve not done before … ever :smile:

There is nothing illegal in cash memos. Cash memo includes taxes vat etc. The only purpose is to give cash memo instead of invoice for goods did in cash.
You are taking wrong concept of cash memos

"I Told that Many persons used Cash Memo for selling without tax/vat.
And for you,
If there are all same as invoice including tax then, its called Invoice, And you can keep your all cash records in manager, If your main motive is to separate the Cash transactions then,
In Cash Account tab, Add Two Account in that,

  1. Your companies Bank Account, As tax Invoice type Transactions,
  2. Cash Transaction, account, In that you have record all the cash transactions in that. And can provide “Payment Receipt” to the customer. And then you can manually stamp as " CASH Memo " Or anything you want. But you need the MANAGER will print with Heading “Cash Memo” then, this is not possible.

Actually, you can rename a Receipt as Cash Memo in a custom theme. See this Guide:

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