Create a formulated invoices?

Hi, I’m new to Manager and I just wonder if we can create a formulated invoices for some specific fields. I’ve made a custom fields and custom theme like shown below :

The custom theme I made is “NET” and it’s a result from “Gross - Tare” in the custom fields, it’ll appear in the invoice like this :

What I’m asking is, can we automatically fill the “Ton” field which is the quantity of the item from the “Net” result? I assume I should modify the coding from themes… but I don’t know how. Can someone help? thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Please correct me if I was wrong but you want the theme to calculate the “Net” tonnage and insert that into the built-in field for Qty, right?

yes, that’s what I’m trying to do

you cannot automate a calculation and put the result in a built-in field with custom themes. they are only used to modify the appearance of your document. custom themes can perform calculations on fields which do not affect the transaction values. read the guide Include calculations in custom themes | Manager

the Qty field will accept arithmetic operations. So in the Qty field you can enter 20.05-4.16 and Manager will use the result as Qty for the transaction.

also, you could consider using line item custom fields which are used to enter details related to the line item and not the whole document. Add custom fields for individual line items | Manager


thanks for the suggestion, I’ve tried using the custom field-line but it didn’t work quite well. I clicked the “show custom field as column” but they didn’t appear on the relevant tabs, I also created a drop-down list type of field but the options I made didn’t appear as well. However, everything works just fine if I create it in custom fields only. Maybe that’s something the team should fix…

can you explain in detail what issue you faced? make sure you have enabled the custom field to show on printed documents. also, Manager by default will not show fields without any content in them.

did you read the below part in the guide I linked?

even though the option is available to create drop-down list for line item custom fields, this option has not been fully implemented yet. so that option will not work for now.

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so if we ticked the “Show custom field as column” box when we create one, it should be appear on the tab like this right?

It has Truck Number, Driver, etc. But when I create them in Custom Field for Purchase Invoice-LINE, they didn’t appear even though I did the same exact things in Custom Field for Purchase Invoice only; I ticked the “Show custom field as column”, and “Show custom field on printed document”. but still, no result.

yes. but only for transaction-level custom fields. not line item custom fields.

thats the intended behavior as I explained above and in my earlier post.

I missed that, my bad. thank you for the replies, sharpdrivetek :slight_smile:

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