Copy to clipboard

Can we add feature ( copy to clipboard ) to all transaction in manger such as sales invoice - sales quot - sales orders - debit note - good receipt - … etc
we need this feature in our work every time, some time we need to make some editing
I think this feature is good idea

You can already do that for almost every table in Manager.

If you’re asking for something else, you should explain in detail what you want and provide some screenshots.

this is sales quote not supported ( copy to clipboard )

If you install a table copy extension in your browser you will be able to readily achieve that today

You are referring to copying View screens of completed transactions. These are not like spreadsheets. They are formatted displays of processed data from the database, controlled by Liquid templating code. While you may be able to drag over and copy portions of the display, there is no mechanism for editing and reinserting the data into the database. Data modification must be done on Edit screens or through Batch Update.

Can we in the next update copy the table in the same format in Microsoft Excel? I’ve seen this before in some accounting software

Perhaps you did not understand my answer, but the transaction forms you are looking at on screen are not tables that can be copied. They are displays controlled by software code in a theme written in the Liquid language that presents data provided by other code in the program. Transaction views are very different from the reports that include the Copy to clipboard button. Those reports are not displayed by themes. What you suggest would require a total rewrite of the program so that it operated in a fundamentally different way than it does.

Yes it is already there and working perfectly :+1: