Account code and name need to be separate for processing in excel

when we can export sales quotes " sales orders , sales invoices to microsoft excel
it became very important to have this feature

There is no direct export to Excel in stead you need to use Copy to Clipboard where available and paste into the spreadsheet. Search the forum on this as this has been discussed and explained extensively.

I am not sure how difficult it will be to have the function built into the system so that one can export the data directly as excel.

Sometimes when one copy to clipboard the data does not paste well. One has to clean data first before they could analyse it.

Manager used to have export to Excel function before but as mentioned search the forum as it is also explained why no longer in use.

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Also, I’d add that copy to clipboard is much faster than export and keeps my download folder clean.

But first we need to confirm that this is what OP is requesting.

@Alaa_Elshindidi, are you looking to export the entire Sales Order tab listing or just an individual Sales Order document?

it is sales quote or invoice i need to export all of it

If, by “all of it,” you mean all sales quotes or all invoices, you can copy the data appearing in the tab listing using Copy to clipboard. If you need all data for all of a transaction type, you can capture this using Batch Update. But much of the data will be unusable (or nearly so), because it will be UUIDs.

If you mean everything you see when viewing a transaction, you will not be able to do it, because View screens are displayed by Liquid themes. They are not data, but the processed result of extractions from the database.

Here is the use case for export function
Recently I found out that I am spending a lot of time cleaning my Trial Balance before importing it to my financial statements drafting software. Just after pasting my TB looks like the image below

To make my TB ready for import I have to do the following:

  • Split the account codes and account description into 2 columns. The drafting software requires the account codes to do the mappings
  • I have to remove the separators on the amounts

see image below

If the ability to export to excel is built in the software it will tremendously reduce the time spend on formatting the reports before importing.

As you are aware the export to excel button was made redundant at the copy to clipboard and paste into excel as you did will produce the same results because it uses the data on your screen. In this case not so long ago and for reasons @Lubos may be able to explain he concatenated the account code with the name rather than keeping them separate as you need.

So the issue is not export to excel as results would be the same but need for account code and account name to be separate for processing in excel I changed the topic title accordingly.

@eko thank you for clarifying. For some reason the Copy to clipboard button when on reports it concatenate data that should be in different columns example attached below. In the image attached if I Copy to clipboard and paste to excel date and description will be in one column.

As mentioned @Lubos recently merged the account code and the account name in views such as reports you show. This is thus deliberate and has nothing to do with the copy to or former export to excel functions. You are making a case for this to be reconsidered as you now have to manually separate these.

I also prefer separate columns for different fields rather than merging fields into a column. It makes it easier to manipulate when exported. Even the indented transactions could be one column to the right of the account code

| 0000 | Acc  |
|      | Date | Description | Debit | Credit | Bal |

I’d also prefer if the the Cr/Dr suffix on the Balance column which copies from an account transaction list would also convert to +/- on copying and pasting, as it does on the GL report, for instance, but perhaps that should be a separate post/request.