Copy forms to Excel

Dear all,
What if i need to copy invoises to excel and make some eiditing in Excel

Click on the invoices tab. Scroll down. Click copy to clipboard. Paste in Excell. Please note that you would need Batch update function if you want the changes you made in Excell to appear in Manager (see Use Batch Create and Batch Update functions | Manager )

I think you did not understand me i ask about copy the original invoce in Excel and make eiditing your reply will not make what i need

Your screen shot does not show β€œthe original invoice.” It shows the View screen for an invoice, which is a display created from the database by a Liquid theme and rendered by your operating system. In other words, you are not copying the data, and all information for the invoice is not present on the View screen.

Please explain your purpose. What are you really trying to accomplish by manipulating this display in a spreadsheet?

What i need simply is extracting the invoice to Excel sheet

@taha1, I doubt your ultimate purpose is extracting the invoice to a spreadsheet. That would be pointless. I am asking what your reason is for wanting the invoice data on a spreadsheet. There may be a way to obtain the information you want, either already in the program or by extracting it from somewhere besides the screen rendering.

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