Proposal - Extend Copy to Clipboard

Hi @lubos,

is it possible to extend copy to clipboard to all standard reports?

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I’m still experimenting with this feature but I do think it’s better than asking users to copy & paste manually.

I’m getting this in 18.10.21(don’t remember the version no. exactly) of copying to clipboard.
You have already implemented this I guess.

Not for all reports.


The latest version (18.10.68) adds “Copy to Clipboard” button to all reports.


Dear @lubos

I find out that copy to clipboard is not enabled for:

  • Statement of Changes in Equity
  • Bank Account Summary
  • General Ledger Reports

and many others… is it possible to extend it?


Thank you @lubos for the “Copy to Clipboard”. Really helpful!

As an extension to that, can you also add the “Export” button along with the rest of those buttons wherein, once I click on the Export button, I do not have to click on the data and copy it before pasting it into excel. Just like “Copy to Clipboard”, the “Export” button should allow for direct pasting into an Excel sheet.

@Paparazzi, the problem with your suggestion is that Export allows you to copy only those rows you want to manipulate. If it resulted in the same behavior as Copy to clipboard, that feature would be lost. Suppose you have several thousand sales invoices and want to work with only 10 for a specific customer. Why deal with an automatically created spreadsheet with thousands of lines? The Export function also allows pasting into word processing documents. Automatic pasting into spreadsheets might not be what is desired.

The features are complementary and are not meant to be the same.