Copy the description when choosing to copy a document to a new one?

Is there a way to get Manager to copy the description from a document when selecting to copy it to a new document? For example, if I copy sales invoice to delivery note the description doesn’t copy over. Same when copying sales orders to invoices, or invoices to payment receipts and so forth. So if I choose “copy to”, it would make sense for the description to copy too. Can it be done?

You may need to update your software. Most of the Copy to... options I tried carry over the summary description field, just as you describe. Specifically, the description copies from sales order to sales invoice to delivery note. The place it doesn’t copy is when receiving money on a sales invoice. And that makes sense, because the summary description that made sense for a sales order or sales invoice describes something you are selling to a customer, whereas the summary description of a receipt would be describing what a customer is paying to you and how. It is not likely they will be the same.

Hi, it is from Purchase Invoice to Goods Receipt it doesn’t copy, sorry for not being clear, I just double checked and you are correct about the rest of the operations. Why doesn’t it copy for Goods Receipt when it does for Delivery Note? Or is it a bug? Hopefully #2 so we can get this feature!

@lubos tagging you in this since I’m not sure you have seen it. When copying to a delivery note from a sales invoice, the description field copies over from the sales invoice to the delivery note as well. However, when copying to a goods receipt from a purchase invoice, the description field does not copy over. Is this intentional or a bug?

Not a bug. It’s just that nobody has asked for this so far. The latest version (17.1.69) will copy the description over.

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Thank you so much @lubos, really appreciate this change! :pray: