Inventory transfer "copy to"

Can the developers consider adding “copy to” to inventory item module - just like Goods Receipt".

The reason is that when inventory items are transferred from one location to another, it is the same inventory items that would be invoiced by the receiving location. It would save time and also reduce mistake in this case. thanks

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That would make no sense, because critical information for a sales receipt is not contained in an inventory transfer, such as customer, due date, price, tax codes, tax inclusiveness, or any invoice options. In short, an inventory transfer is not a financial transaction. It only adjusts quantities.

Even though sales invoice or sales receipt contains a lot more information than inventory transfer, it’s not really a problem. Manager would copy what it can.

Added to the latest version (22.3.7)


Hello, where is this functionality located in manager? I am using the cloud edition. On my sales invoices, purchase invoices, and goods receipts I don’t have “copy to inventory transfer” as an option.

The added capability was the other way around. An inventory transfer can be copied to sales- or purchase-related transactions. Read the opening post carefully to see what the idea originally was.

Screen Shot 2022-05-19 at 9.10.36 AM

Noted, thank your for the illustration and explanation.

I would like to suggest/request to add the capability of “copy to - inventory transfer” the other way around as well. I create goods receipts of purchase invoices at a warehouse hub, and later the PI goods are transferred to other inventory locations.

If the ability to copy a goods receipts / purchase invoice to an inventory transfer, it would also save time and speed up the process while avoiding errors.

If it’s not a big deal to add, and manager can handle the copying of relevant fields, I’d like to make the suggestion to @lubos

Think through your idea more carefully. Make a list of all the information on a purchase invoice. Compare that to a list of everything required for an inventory transfer. Where would you get the missing information? How would you split a purchase between locations? Where would the transfer be from and to? (There is no valid reason for presupposing that inventory items would necessarily be transferred from the location where they were purchased. They could just as easily be transferred to that location from elsewhere to complete an order or replenish stock on hand.) The potential for errors seems greater than when creating an inventory transfer from scratch for a known movement of inventory items.

Manager could copy what it can, and if it is possible to do the operation in one direction it could also be possible in the reverse. The copying does not have to contain everything as you describe. It can contain some things, such as item and quantity. It is the user of the program who should make sure newly created documents are accurate (like when a sales invoice has its items delivered in two shipments, two delivery notes would be created via “copy” and amended as needed). One would only use this function when the items for an inventory transfer match (or closely match) a purchase invoice/goods receipt. It saves time when dealing with an inventory transfer consisting of many (30+) items and as many different quantities.

I note you are not happy with the idea from looking at your comments in this thread, but if the developers already implemented it against your recommendation because people found it useful, I am presenting another use case for them to consider. In this event, only the items and quantities would be copied and the user would obviously have to fill in the remaining information. I hope they can consider it.