Summary level descriptions in invoices to auto copy to receipts / payments

I’d like to suggest that the summary level descriptions just below the customer or payer information in sales and purchase invoices be automatically copied to receipts or payments when selecting ‘new receipt’ or ‘new payment’ from an invoice, just the way the descriptions are copied from sales orders to sale invoices and purchase orders to purchase invoices. It would make sense that you would use the same description for the receipt, or payment as you would for the original invoice.

There was a thread some time back about descriptions in invoices and receipts, but it seemed to focus on line descriptions, not summary descriptions. Thanks

The descriptions for Receipts and Payments is used by Manager to reflect bank descriptions.

There are other uses as you proposed here but I would assume that most users use description as designed.

Every copying operation in Manager copies information judged by the developer to be relevant to the new transaction. Obviously, there can be differences of opinion about what is relevant in various situations. So it is probably not possible to satisfy everyone’s preferences.

But @Ealfardan is correct. In this case, a summary of a sales or purchase related transaction is not as likely to be relevant to a receipt or payment as information about the bank or cash transaction. So it is not copied. This is similar to when a sales invoice is copied to a purchase order to replace inventory sold. In that situation, the customer is not copied as though it has become the supplier.

I would have thought since the receipt or payment is related to a particular invoice, the summary description of the invoice and the summary description of the receipt or payment of that invoice would be the same or similar for most people, as would the info about the bank or cash transaction for the receipt or payment of that invoice.

Personally I would find it easier to have the field prefilled from the invoice and then amend it if necessary, than have to copy and paste it each time, but I understand that you cannot meet everyone’s needs. Thanks