Copy supplier invoice to sales


I’m coming here today to try to figure out this situation:
make one purchase invoice, make one line with discount column, now copy that invoice to a sales invoice. Situation:
the discount column go with it(not only the total, the column goes too) but you can’t see it in the “edit” view, only in the “done” view.

@Eu_Mesmo if you find an issue please explain it with necessary screenshots so that everyone can understand more clearly.

@lubos should probably look into this.

Purchase Invoice created with 10% discount.

used Copy To feature to make a Sales Invoice.

as seen in the above image, the discount checkbox is not automatically enabled nor is the discount column visible. but the Amount column shows the discounted rate from Unit price.

the Discount column appears after the Sales Invoice is created.

I would think this is a bug.

The fact that it is checked on the purchase invoice should either A) be copied to the sales invoice, especially since the sales invoice is displaying a discount. Or B) it should be unchecked and the discount removed to prevent errors in entries. I would have to think most businesses do not pass along the same percent of a discount their suppliers give them, to their end users.

I am replying from a phone but I can confirm this theory when I am in my office later: if you discount an invoice then uncheck the Discount box, does it remove the discount or does it behave the same as mentioned above? That should be addressed as well.

I can duplicate this behavior, too. I am putting it into the bugs category.

Invoice sales is a better option to go with.

Fixed in the latest version (19.9.35)